AI….part deux

How do you characterize a legend?

I mean, the very premise suggests the object of such awe-inspiring revelation hasn’t ever been before.  So how do we characterize something, someone that has never been?

As I was continuing to reflect on the Andy Irons tragedy, I realized maybe what made this so “different” for me was his age.  Thirty-two is not more than but a step away from the 30 I am today.  For someone to pass away with so much life left to live…just doesn’t seem fair.  It isn’t.

I was watching Stormchasers on the DVR this evening (look…I grew up at the top of Tornado Alley, ok?), and the most recent show was dedicated to one of the chasers that passed away during the filming of this season.  He was 30.  Thirty years old!  And the story goes on.  I could have recently lost the brother of a close friend to a skiing accident, were it not for the intervention of God and some quick thinking by his buddy.  He is in his lower 30s.  It just seems like there has been a lot of death lately, and I don’t like it.

What I absolutely hate about AI passing, is the potential condition of his soul.  I mean, it seemed as if he had really turned a corner from the outside, pumped about being back to winning ways, mostly excited about his soon coming child…all of this appears good from the surface.  But how did he feel in his heart?  Was there any pain about the past?  Any anxiety about the future?  To have your life robbed by disease is horrible, but I would feel much worse were any of the above true.  Even more upset because all of such is avoidable.

I wrote recently regarding grace.  God’s grace.  About how it was the source of everything good in my life, anything extraordinary, anything worth living for.  I hope AI knew this grace.  I hope you know this grace.  Without it, life appears as through a cloudy lense, leaving you wishing for a clarity that is never within your grasp on your own.  I recently put together a little medley of melodies (alliteration intended…sorry) I have written over the past few months.  Its mainly a medley because I have been too lazy to finish any of them as stand-alones, so I just put them all together.  Granted…it’s very rough.  But it comforts me…hopefully it will comfort you should you need it.

By the way…I know Who does that stuff…you know…comforts?  Let me know if you’d like an introduction *wink*

when hearts like branches sway

2 thoughts on “AI….part deux

  1. I had no idea you were musically inclined! Sounds great…I saved the file…enjoyed listening. My brothers lost a friend last week to a drug overdose… I am praying hard for my younger siblings to find God’s grace and clarity again before death claims their lives. Thanks for sharing.

    • They’ll make it…don’t you worry. Yeah…I’ll eventually post a more polished version of the song, just wanted to put it out there. Thanks for reading Amber!

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