Life Left Clinging

It was a place that asked you for nothing, but to find out who you were, and set that person free. – From “Valhalla” by Sweetgrass Productions

I had originally intended to make this write-up about the weight of expectation. How in so many of us, that very weight has consumed the dreams and desire of our youth. But it seemed too much like whining, so let’s switch gears.

In my last blog, I talked about just being who you are today. And I believe that. We should always attempt to be the best version of ourselves each and every day of our existence. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to those who believe in and support us. We owe it to a world that has continued to spin so we could be here today.

I have a lot of respect for the past. The legacies stamped across the span of history, the lives who chose to not go quietly, and make a splash in the waters of time. In many cases, we can see the ripples of their influence clearly in our own daily walks. But for a second, I want to focus on another water-based metaphor.

The picture above was taken this past spring on the upper reaches of Lake Buchanan in Central Texas. The water levels are ridiculously low due to the long-standing drought we’ve had here in Texas, and as you can see, it’s had quite an impact. It’s an interesting picture for a lot of reasons, but one that currently stands out to me at the moment is…


Why is this fish dead? Was it not aware the waters were receding? The skeleton is mostly intact which leads me to believe it wasn’t taken out of the water by some predator and eaten, with the remains discarded. This fish most likely died a horrible death, as the water around it drained and evaporated away. So what was it? This was the only fish remains we found on our walk of the lake bottom that day. Clearly the other fish had something figured out this guy didn’t.

I look at my own life, my original plans and desires, the future person I was to become…and yeah, as it’s been said before, a lot is different. But I’m here, and to the best of my ability, I’m learning to be happy. Does that mean I’ve settled? Does that mean I’ve given up? Of course not! But I am learning to be content. You see, I don’t want to be like that fish. As the waters of life carry on…

I want to be swept away.


I have an eight year old. She likes to watch movies. One of the many greats we have watched over the last few years is “Finding Nemo”. In one of the scenes, there is an effort to get Nemo flushed down the toilet because ‘all drains eventually lead to the ocean’. What does that have to do with anything you ask?

Sometimes in life, things are going swimmingly, everything is as it should be. Then, out of nowhere, someone or something pulls the plug, and all you hold important begins to be sucked down the drain. Should that happen to you, relax. Don’t worry. All drains eventually lead to an ocean of opportunity, with more amazing things and scenes than you could ever imagine. Of course, you could cling to the mud puddle of existence you have left. And, you might make it till the next rainfall. But if not, someone may walk past your remains one day.

Then you’ll end up in a blog titled, “Life Left Clinging.”

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