Pale Ale

It’s funny how irrelevant things in life become when spending time with God.  There is not one worry, joy, priority, etc. that does not pale when confronted with the face of God.  You become completely consumed with one thought…

More.  I need more.

A LOT has been happening in my life lately, much like the transition of one season to the next.  And, transition is probably the best analogy for it, although I am slightly wary due to the cliche factor.  There does remain a constant, however, and that is the presence of God.

Have you ever wanted to connect with someone, perhaps someone you are close to, and what ensues is sort of a game of “tag”; where one person is always busy, or vice versa, and the hassle of making that connection eventually becomes greater than the original desire that led you to reach out?

Never has, and never will happen with God.  Awe-inspiring.  The creator of the universe hangs on your ever craving for attention, and is more than willing to deliver.  You’ll never be disappointed.

“Return to me….that I may return to you.”  (Zech. 1:3 NASB)

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