“You know, you don’t always get to be the guy you wish to be.  You get to be the guy you are.”  –  Derek Webb


So many things swirling right now…

There are moments in life.  Hinge points.  Confrontations.

They arrest our attention.  They hold our thoughts hostage and captive.

We ask questions.  Fight or flight answers us.  Choices are made.

I wrote a line once…’Take this moment and stretch to forever’.  I feel like I’ve been living in one of those moments.

Introspection, in my opinion, is the scariest form of exploration.  There’s no map or gps, but for some reason we never think we can get lost.  We walk and wander, chasing trails that fade into nowhere until at some point…we stop…and look around.  We don’t even recognize what we see.  Where we are.  Who we are.

The beginning quote is so completely simple and elegantly stated.  So many things could have gone different.  So many decisions that seem wrong.  So many we can’t believe we got right.  So many where we’re like, “Was I thinking at all?”  But none of them matter.

Who you thought you would be…where you thought you would go…the reality can be sobering.  Sometimes it can be gut-wrenching.  Sometimes it can be full of elation, but no matter where you find yourself as you read this…

You are.

And that’s a start.  Certainly better than the alternative.

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